Immunotherapy: A Review And Update

  • Publication Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781774076934
  • Price: $160
  • Publisher: Delve Publishing
  • Binding Type: Hardcover

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Immunotherapy refers to harnessing the immune system to treat cancer and infectious diseases. The immune system is robust enough to fight microbes and also perform what is termed as immune surveillance or checking for any alterations in cells. The idea of immunotherapy is hence simple-it activates the immune system to target pathogens or cancer cells. Given these interesting aspects, this book covers the history and basics of immunotherapy. Apart from discussing the approaches, the aspects of challenges are presented. These include honing the specificity and the cost of the therapy. Potential solutions to overcome these challenges have been presented. Thus, a reader can read this concise book that presents the fundamentals of immunotherapy without getting overwhelmed.

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ShivSanjeevi Sripathi completed his Masters in Biotechnology from Mumbai University in 2008. He was awarded for academic excellence in both his Bachelors and Masters for securing second rank in Mumbai University in 2006 and first rank in his college: Kishinchand chellaram College. For his Masters he secured first rank in his college KET's V.G.Vaze College. He qualified CSIR and NET and and TOEFL in September 2008. He then worked on a stem cell project at the Specialized Centre for Cell Based Therapy (SCCT),KEM Hospital at Mumbai on a project entitled, : Isolation & detection of stem cells from Human Umbilical cord/ amniotic membrane" following which he worked at Junior Research Fellow at Microbiology & Cell Biology Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore from August 2009 to November 2011. The field of work involved cloning of cell wall genes and transcription factors in E.coli & M.smegmatis. As a writer, he has authored and co-authored 25 books with Delve and Arcler International Press. He loves to read and share on interesting aspects of life sciences in books. In his free time he loves to travel and explore ancient customs and traditions.

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