Building Digital Health Competencies In Developing Countries

  • Publication Year: 2023
  • ISBN: 9781774695364
  • Price: $175
  • Publisher: Delve Publishing
  • Binding Type: Hardcover

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In the context of this book, digital health competency refers to "the use of information and communications technology in support of health and health-related fields" (WHO, 2019). The concept of digital health may appear overwhelming upon first glance. Numerous health care services as well as providers employ classic paper-based systems for information, and taking up technology is not within the possibilities and expertise of several health systems. Initiating with digital health, nevertheless, is similar to implementing any novel program, often with more questions than answers. To begin, especially for practitioners with limited or no background with technology, comes "What can digital health really do?" The correct answers may not always be technology, yet if it is, an abundance of informed decisions must be taken. Various of these decisions center around trade-offs, and even though no "right" answer really exists, some options have greater context-relevance and are more feasible than others when considering developing countries. Taking up a participatory angle to developing the envisioned digital tool with end users is paramount. Empowering health care professionals to try out a concept or model a situation with the potential digital health tool to potentially outphase their current systems can shine light on key insights. It is then possible to fine tune top ideas into even better answers with the added perspective of those who will be affected.

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Sara D. Garduno-Diaz has a background in nutrition with a PhD in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom; she has further specialized in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympics Committee, Switzerland. Dr Garduno-Diaz has worked as Research Fellow for several EU-funded research projects and was awarded research grants from CONACYT (Mexico) and the BBSRC (UK). She currently consults for various startups in Europe and the US in the areas of Nutrition and Product Development. Dr Garduno-Diaz sits on the editorial board of various international journals, including the Journal of Obesity and Weight Management, E Cronicon Nutrition, Research in Health Science, and Insights in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is the author of over 50 peer-reviewed publications and 10 books. Her research interests include the dietary patterns of migrant populations and their impact on health, as well as investigating the environmental factors that influence food selection. Dr. Garduno-Diaz is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Overseas Dietetics Association, Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise & Sport, and the World Public Health Nutrition Association, for whom she is a member of the executive committee. With over 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition, and having lived and worked in various continents, Dr Garduno-Diaz's approach to food is one of integrating strategies to design individual programs based on her client's wellness needs. Dr Garduno-Diaz advocates for real food and the art of eating.

Friedrich Huth has a background in Business Economics with a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Brandenburg, Germany. He further specialized in Corporate Finance at the Institute of International Studies at the Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok. When an arthrosis diagnosis ended his career as a professional Athlete and Captain of the German Youth Basketball National Team at an early age, he dedicated his life to helping a variety of small and medium sized companies grow their business as Operations, Marketing and Finance Manager while personally exploring measures to cure his joint-condition and regain his physical abilities. Thus, he started working on functional nutrition in 2017 when he became a first line member of Her1, an Ecommerce startup for Nutritional Supplements. Currently he is responsible for a unit of consultants with focus on German Companies in the Agriculture, Life Science, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries. Due to his professional environment he is exposed to first line insights on the practices and strategies of the main players in related fields to modern food production.His approach to digital health is based on his personal nutrition-induced full recovery from a condition that was prognosed to be irreversible, mixed with over 6 years of professional experience in economic fields.